Ernesto Briceño
Born in Venezuela   Violin, vocals and supplementary percussion

Ernesto Briceño has had a varied career in music between classical and traditional world music genres. Based in Flamenco and world music, Briceño has spent the last decade as both instrumentalist and composer. All of his past experience have culminated in the seed that today forms the flamenco group, Kamerata as well as others such as Somorrostro (Dance Company), El Parrita, Virus String Quartet de Barcelona, and currently, Mashalá!.
With a degree from Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachussets, it was in this city where he first began experimenting with combinations of flamenco and jazz. Whilst there, he apprenticed under violinist Matt Glaser and Turkish percussionist Jamie Hadad.
Currently he is professor of World Music at La Aula de Musica Moderna de Barcelona.
As a traditional violinist, he is a highly versatile player and slips effortlessly between what is considered to be classical and popular music.
Briceño has played with such musicians as Miguel Poveda, Chicuelo, Duquende, Cristobal Reyes, Javier Latorre, and Pedro Cortés, to name just a few.
In world music he has also accompanied Cesaria Evora y Celia Cruz.