Ellen Gould Ventura
Born in Canada   Principal singer, Director

Since 1980, Ellen Gould Ventura is a singer in many genres of music – specifically, Sefardi Mizrahi, Klezmer and Jazz.
In 1998, Ellen returned to and finally settled in Spain to research her Sefardi roots which was the inspiration to draft the libretto of her third work for stage, Blood Circus , a circus genre opera (Production dates to be announced).
The versatile singer also has many years under her belt as a writer, director and actor in the film, theatre, radio and television industry in Canada, the US and in Europe.
In the world of Jazz, Ellen founded the trio, The Waverlies and also sang with Memo Acevedo , pianist, David Restivo , the Norman Amadio Trio , Phil Dwyer and Taborah Johnson both live and on radio and televisión.
Since 1995, Ellen also teaches voice technique, singing and Alexander movement.
Since arriving in Spain she has directed, produced and sang in the Spanish and Catalan version of her second work for Stage, Self Portrait In Blue to end the Grec Festival 2001 (Convent de Sant Agosti, Barcelona) and more recently has sung with the international bands, Tikun (Klezmer), Prana ( Middle Eastern Fusion ) Wesak ( Flamenco-middle Eastern fusion ) and world music violinist and composer, Ernesto Briceño ( see attached bio ).
Currently she is the founder and singer of the Barcelona-based group, Mashalá! (Sefardi Mizrahi and World Groove music ).