Lautaro Rosas Varela
Born in Viña del Mar, Chile   Arabic úd, Çumbuç Saz

Born in Viña del Mar, Chile, Lautaro Rosas comes from a long and varied musical tradition. He began to make a name for himself in South America and Mexico as a tremendously versatile musician of primarily string and wind instruments, such as Spanish guitar, Arabic Ud, Clarinets and pan pipes amongst others.
Lautaro has been living in Barcelona since the mid-70’s where he has been a part of numerous groups and collaborated with some phenomenal artists who form an integral part of the Spanish music scene.
He has also served on the staff of the Taller de Musics, the Ricomà schools of Terrassa y Rubí and currently teaches his instruments privately.
Highlights: Orquestra Mirasol, La Rondalla de la Costa, Maria del Mar Bonet, Jordi Sabatés, Eddie Mathieson, Rafael Subirachs, Loni Geest, Special Company, Mario Lecaros Quintet, Toni Xuclá, Maria Lafitte, Neil Geoffrey, Rossana Braun, Ensemble Llull , Prana, Rosa Zaragoza, Pneuma (Medieval music) , Miquel Gil and Mashalá!.