Aziz Khodari
Born in Morocco   Principal percussion and singer

Aziz Khodari was born in Morocco in 1972. After having studied music at the conservatory in Rabat, he obtained his degree in percussion in 1997, specializing in instruments originating the Gulf countries and Egypt. His mentor and main influence is Said Artist, who is considered to be the top percussionist in the Arab world.
In 2000, after having lived in France for a number of years, Aziz Khodari then moved to Catalunya where he has been ever since, playing with various artists and groups from all over Spain. He has shared the stage with such prestigious artists as Jorge Pardo, Omar Sosa, Kepa Junquera and Perico Sambeat to name but a few. Currently Aziz Khodari is the main percussionist with Nass Marakech and Mashalá!.